Knebworth, Hertfordshire  -  Knebworth House
19th century

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Notes in italics from Hertfordshire by Nikolaus Pevsner and Bridget Cherry (2002)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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Knebworth House has been the home of the Lytton family since 1490.

The house as it now appears is essentially of the C19, partly c.1815-20 by J.B. Rebecca and partly by Bulwer Lytton, the novelist, of after 1843, by H.E. Kendall. The body of the house is one range of a two-storeyed courtyard house of c.1500. The other three were pulled down in 1811. ... The E front is of E-type with angle turrets to the projecting wings and a central porch. This is Tudor in outline and c.1815-20 only in the details. ...  In 1878-83 the E front was unfortunately enlarged by a third storey (by John Lee). ... The Great Hall is still in its original position (fourth picture). Brickwork of the original building has been revealed in the projecting wing by the Hall (last picture).

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The W front on the other hand is frankly a romantic paraphrase of the Gothic palace, unrestrained by archaeological considerations. ... 

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W of the house a formal garden by Lutyens, made in 1907-11.
Position of the long gallery east of the surviving wing.
Final picture, north front of the house.


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