Abingdon Bridge, Oxfordshire
over the River Thames
  This picture shows the southern half of Abingdon Bridge, the Nag's Head pub on the left being on an island (Nag's Head Island). The medieval bridge was built in 1416 but then mostly rebuilt in 1927, although two arches at the northern Abingdon end were retained (not shown).  
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Nag's Head Inn                   
  First picture: The Nag's Head on the Thames.
Middle picture: the large arch provides the main navigation channel.
Last picture: the backwater and mill stream at the northern half of the bridge.
  View into Abingdon from the southern end of the bridge.
The old gaol house can be seen on the left, and the roof of the town hall in the distance.
  Cottages at the southern end of the bridge known as Maud Hales Terrace.  The house on the right has the date 1753. Is it quite that old? Possibly refaced.  
View downstream from Abingdon Bridge, showing St Helen's Church and Brick Alley Almshouses (on the left).
  Much more about the bridge, with detailed history (external site)


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