Almshouses in Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Long Alley Almshouses, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
  Notes in italics from Berkshire by Nikolaus Pevsner (1966)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.
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  In the churchyard of  St Helen ... three sets of almshouses. No other churchyard anywhere has anything like this. The centre of the three is Christ's Hospital or the LONG ALLEY ALMSHOUSES. They were built in 1446, though it is doubtful if much of that date is still visible on the front. This front has a wooden pentice or cloister walk. The porch is of 1605, and has pilasters with volutes outside and a gable. (Paintings of that date by Sampson Strong). The cloister windows with arched lights may well be of the same date. The pretty lantern was put on in 1707.  
Long Alley Almshouses, Abingdon                   
  East face viewed from northern end.   
  Rear garden side   
  The side to the river is rubble-faced and C15, though it carries a date 1674. ... Painting of 1605 by Sampson Strong shows the old Abingdon Market Cross. More at external site.  
          Twitty's Almshouses, Abingdon         
  TWITTY'S ALMSHOUSES of 1707. Red brick, also one-storeyed. Hipped roof with gable and lantern. Seven dwellings.  
           Brick Alley Almshouses, Abingdon         
  With their back to the river the BRICK ALLEY ALMSHOUSES of 1718, built for Christ's Hospital by Samuel Westbrooke, mason. Chequer brick and rubbed brick. Seven bays, the centre solid and raised with a pediment, the sides giant arches or niches in which are the doors and upper balconies, a very unusual and rather modern conceit. To the river just two storeys, the ground floor with segment-headed windows.  
Tomkins Almshouses, Ock Street, Abingdon                             
  Elsewhere in Abingdon: TOMKIN'S ALMSHOUSES, Ock Street, 1733. Brick. Two rows with a characteristic frontispiece at the far end.  

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