St Helen's Church, Abingdon

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St Helen's Church, Abingdon, Interior
  Notes in italics from Berkshire by Nikolaus Pevsner (1966)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.
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  Originally the church built around the early 1200s consisted only of the first two aisles from the north, forming a north aisle and nave. First picture here from the north aisle. 

In 1420 a third aisle, the St Helen Aisle, was added on the south and became the new nave, with the high altar relocated at its east end. This was followed by another aisle on the south side, the St Katherine Aisle. Finally in 1539 a fifth aisle was added on the south. In 1873-97 the High Church neo-gothic renovations took place. The last two pictures are from the south aisle.

The interior has four arcades all essentially the same, with concave-sided octagonal piers, concave-sided capitals, and moulded depressed arches.

  The nave, i.e. middle of the five aisles; this has a clerestory. It contains the nave altar and behind it the Victorian neo-gothic screen leading into the chancel with the high altar.
All the aisles are adorned with brass chandeliers, two inscribed 1713 an 1710 (this one in the nave).

The chancel details are even more blatantly High Victorian-E.E. internally than externally (i.e. Early English style of 13th century). They are by Woodyer, 1873, and cost £7,000. ... REREDOS. By Bodley, 1897.

  West end of nave and the west window. Last picture is a view from the nave through St Katherine's Aisle to the South Aisle.   
  View from Lady Aisle into North Aisle. This contains the memorial to Mrs Hawkins, by J. Hickey, 1782. A major work by a minor sculptor. It was a difficult job to compose a monument so as to display six portraits. Seated woman holding books. She sits in front of a Rococo strigillated object which may mean a sarcophagus. Her arm rests on a medallion with the portrait of her fiancé, the Rev. Mr. Hart. Left and right busts, above the strigillated object two busts and an urn. The busts represent Mrs Hawkins's father and mother, sister and cousin. - Very many more tablets.  
  By (Woodyer) no doubt also the N doorway from the tower porch. - FONT. By H.P. Peyman of Abingdon. Shown in the 1851 Exhibition. Copy in white marble of the font of Sutton Courtenay. - FONT COVER. Dated 1634.  
  Second aisle from the north, i.e. the original nave. To this was added the Lady Chapel in the east end in 1247. See separate page on the Lady Chapel with its medieval painted ceiling.
In St Katherine's Aisle south of the nave
ORGAN CASE. 1725 by Abraham Jordan, with good carving.
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