Barton Stacey,  Hampshire  -  All Saints Church
13th century

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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Externally a few of the mid C13 windows are original, but most of the exterior is of 1877. Fine ashlar-faced Perp W tower with higher stair-turret and pinnacles. It was built into the nave early in the C16, as the straight-headed uncusped bell-openings indicate. 

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As so often, the architectural history starts with the N arcade. It is of c.1200. Round pier, round abaci, capitals of flat, broad, upright leaves, arches with one slight chamfer. The corresponding S part has moulded capitals. Then followed, in the mid C13, the continuation eastward on both sides with octagonal piers and much dogtooth.

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The odd thing is that from the third pier not only the next arch springs to the E, but also the chancel arch and an arch across the aisles. So there is a chancel arch, but it has no structurally emphasized supports.

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Font. Square, of Purbeck marble. Each side has eight of the usual flat blank arches (12th century).
Font cover. A flat board made up of nine quatrefoiled panels from the screen of Longparish church.



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