Bentworth, Hampshire  -  St Mary Church
13th Century

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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Essentially early C13. The most consistent impression is inside (see below) ... while externally: the chancel lancets, the priest's doorway with one order of shafts, the round-arched N doorway, ... and the lower part of the W tower with its lancets. ...  Several re-used pieces outside (e.g. porch windows). Nice Victorian tower top.

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... the four-bay arcades, just as at Crondall, look so much earlier. They have thick round piers with multi-scalloped capitals and square abaci, i.e. a mid C12 form, but pointed arches with a slight chamfer and a hood-mould of C13 moulding.

The three pictures of the same interior view are a photographic experiment. The first picture is the merging of three separate but overlapping pictures of the chancel arch and the side arcades using computer software. This was to see how it compared with a traditional shot using a wide-angle lens, shown in middle picture. The last picture is a cropping top and bottom of the middle picture to emphasise how close the result is to the first picture. 

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The chancel arch also has a slight chamfer. Then the chancel lancets ... Only the chancel E window seems later C13 - see the fine shafts inside. And what is the date of the chancel piscina? It has a trefoiled head with dogtooth. 

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Close-up of multi-scalloped capital. Interior view looking west. Font. Of table type, but not early. Early C16 cusped arches along the sides. - Rustic pyramidal font cover, dated 1605.



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