Bishops Waltham,  Hampshire

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

The town developed alongside the palace established by Bishop Henry of Blois in the C12 ... It has a tightly-knit plan of parallel and cross streets .. (which) suggests a deliberate medieval grid-plan laid out by some early bishop. But the streets, apart from High Street, are very narrow, and many of the inner plots are very small. Could it be that .. (much of the area) .. was once a great rectangular space like that of Wickham and that the shallow island blocks represent consolidated encroachments by market stalls, as has happened to some extent at Wickham and Fareham? ...

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In the High Street a curious half gable, a suggestion of the smallness of some of the plots mentioned by Pevsner. The rear view shows that the building is not quite as narrow as suggested, but nevertheless quite a small plot.

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Further down the High Street:  Barclays Bank, a plain Georgian three-storeyed house flanked by Victorian wings with a sort of chequered surface pattern in relief, all stuccoed over. Facing up High Street ... an C18 house of grey and red brick ... a C17 house with a three-gabled roof-line ... and a long, low C18 pub, stuccoed over.  

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St Peter's Street, coming up to the church.

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Bank Street (first three pictures).  Basingwell Street (second two pictures) .. an almost continuous line of Georgian and earlier cottages and houses ... 

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At The Moors Nature Reserve: The Moors is situated where the chalk of central Hampshire meets the clay of the southern-most part of the county. Springs form where the water from the chalk meets the clay. The second two pictures really need to be movies. They show what are called locally the "boiling sands" or "sandboils". In shallow water, they are continuously erupting due to the sand swirling around in springs of the River Hamble.


Bishop's Palace in Bishops Waltham

The Church


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