Dugald Stewart - Philosopher

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Dugald Stewart (1753-1828) held the chair of moral philosophy at Edinburgh University for 25 years from 1785, making it a centre of intellectual and moral influence. He gained a reputation for inspiring eloquence and beauty of style and attracted students from England, Europe and America. 
His monument on the Calton Hill is probably the best and most photographed monument in Edinburgh with its background of the Old Town, Edinburgh Castle and Princess Street. The monument is by William H. Playfair, 1831. A version of the Choragic Monument  of Lysicrates.

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His mausoleum (1828) in Canongate churchyard is very different and was, in fact, almost completely covered in a dense mass of ivy until very recently. Made of massive blocks of droved ashlar with a semi-elliptical top. The entrance has flat orderless pilasters with console capitals.

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