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 Robert Fergusson Grave, Canongate         

The grave of the poet Robert Fergusson (1750-1774) is in the churchyard of Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh. Fergusson is considered the inspiration of Robert Burns. According to the Wikipedia entry "Burns was the first to pay tribute to the merits of Fergusson; on his visit to Edinburgh in 1787 he sought out the poet's grave, and petitioned the authorities of the Canongate burying-ground for permission to erect the memorial stone which is preserved in the existing monument. The date there assigned for his birth differs from the one given above, which rests on the authority of his younger sister Margaret". Burns wrote the inscribed poem.

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A statue to Fergusson in front of the church was unveiled in 2004 - details here. Or in Scots. There is a portrait by Alexander Runciman of about 1772. There is a memorial to Runciman and his brother on the Canongate Kirk.

Canongate Kirk

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