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Scotland Street in the New Town of Edinburgh, made famous by the novel 44 Scotland Street and its sequels  by Alexander McCall Smith, published since 2005. Needless to say, there is no number 44 in Scotland Street. The highest number is 43.
Begun in 1823 as Caledonia Street. Chiefly four-storey tenements, their main cornice at third-floor level. Austere droved ashlar fronts stepping downhill with a similarly unadorned splay meeting Royal Circus at the NW corner. Five-storey block to the NE, part of the final push to complete the Northern New Town, by William Hogg, 1883. (From Edinburgh by John Gifford, Colin McWilliam and David Walker (1991), Yale University Press.)

44 Scotland Street was first serialised in the Scottish daily newspaper The Scotsman which has a very interesting article in which he describes the task. You can hear him reading some chapters and being interviewed here.

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