McEwan Hall, Edinburgh
and the University of Edinburgh Medical School
McEwan Hall, Edinburgh
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  Notes in italics are extracts from Pevsner Architectural Guides,
Edinburgh by John Gifford, Colin McWilliam and David Walker (1991), Yale University Press.
  The McEwan Hall is part of the University of Edinburgh and adjoins the Medical School (below). The whole complex is a Venetian Cinquecento design of 1874 by R. Rowan Anderson. The hall was built in 1888-97 and is used for graduations and public events.
The D-plan McEwan Hall is a magnificent petrified blancmange with a shallow ribbed dome and lantern. Niches meant for statues in the straight buttresses. Blind second-floor arcading in red sandstone above a shallow-carved frieze. Semi-circular pediment over the E door, its tympanum with a relief of a degree-giving ceremony. ...
The forecourt to the E is a formal paved layout by Andrew Mackie of Percy Johnson-Marshall & Associates. 1980-2. Planting contained in simulated stone walls, their coping scooped up at every change in level. Stone-based Venetian lantern contemporary with the hall.
  The hall was paid for by the brewer William McEwan.  
Medical School, Edinburgh                   
  The Medical School was built in 1876-86. The front to Teviot Place is long and regular. Channelled ground floor; second-floor pilastrade. In the middle a pend arch under a balconied aedicule ... On the top, a round-headed pediment derived from the church of San Zaccaria. Tower at the W end ... The W flank much more relaxed, stepping confidently down Meadow Walk as a succession of rectangles with one large bow.  
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