Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

Formerly the North British Hotel

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Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh                   
Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh          Balmoral Hotel 2, Edinburgh         
  The North British Hotel at the east end of Princes Street in Edinburgh, completed in 1902, was renamed The Balmoral in the early 1990s. Built beside Waverley Station by the North British Railway Company and owned by them for over 80 years it had a dedicated entrance from the station. Traditionally the clock on the tower is about three minutes fast to allow passengers to catch their train.
Designed by W. Hamilton Beattie in a competition of 1885. The Pevsner Architectural Guide to Edinburgh describes the exterior as 16th century Franco-German in detail, the entrance hall below as Free Renaissance, and the the domed central Palm Court as Neo-Georgian..

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