St Stephen's
St Vincent Street, Edinburgh

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Notes in italics from Pevsner Architectural Guides, Edinburgh by John Gifford, Colin McWilliam and David Walker (1991), Yale University Press.

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Built in 1827-8.  ... a design of vast scale, Baroque power and Grecian severity by William H. Playfair  ... His plan is basically a square, diagonally sited, with the N and S corners cut off. Tower to the S, with a cavernous tunnel entry reached by a stair between giant inverted consoles. The two upper stages are equal in height with coupled antae at the corners, but otherwise sharply different. One great window with a grille of segmental stone tracery below, a clock face and a single median antae above. Corner turrets with crosslets and fretted balustrade, highly effective from a distance. Oblique flanks with solid end bays matching the lower part of the tower. The three middle bays, deeply recessed between antae, have urns above the cornice. ...

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View from the east

No longer used as a church but as an arts and community centre 

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