Deane, Hampshire

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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All Saints Church. Built in 1818. The architect seems unrecorded - which is a pity, as this is the most complete and successful early C19 Gothic church in the county. W tower, nave, and chancel, cement-rendered. Perp tracery, in the E window of iron, battlements, and elaborate pinnacles. Pretty S porch, vaulted inside, with a fine frieze of the kind familiar from Perp screens.

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Inside, the tower arch, tower gallery, a tripartite chancel screen, a pointed tunnel-vault decorated over the altar (ceilure-wise), the elaborate altar surround, and all the rest as it was in 1818.  

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In the E window Crucifixus typical of the early C19, but the surround apparently of c.1870 or 1880.

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Deane House. Brick, large and irregular. To the S a five-bay front of two storeys, with a square porch. The upper window has a raised brick surround, and the other windows probably have them too. That would date this side of the house late C17. Left addition and recent complete right wing. ...

In Jane Austen's time, the house was owned by the Harwoods. The Austen family who lived in the adjoining village, Steventon, were friendly with the Harwoods and attended parties at Deane House. Jane Austen refers to these and to members of the family a number of times in her letters.
She was also very friendly with the family at the rectory, the Lloyds. They moved later to Ibthorpe where Jane Austen frequently stayed. The rectory at Deane no longer exists. Nor would Jane Austen recognise the church which was entirely rebuilt a year after her death.
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