Dogmersfield Park, Hampshire

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Pevsner has a relatively brief entry for the house. He wrote (in 1967): Built in 1728 for Martha Goodyer and her husband Ellis St John (the later Paulet St John Mildmay family). Large, red brick, and plain. The entrance side of three storeys, the garden side round the corner of two. Both have a central pediment. Pevsner then makes some short comments on the interior, specifically plaster ceilings and fireplaces. However, there was a major fire in 1981 which caused much destruction and the other wings round a courtyard were completely lost. 

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The computer firm Amdahl had bought the property after the fire and had a new east wing built. This was done by Robert Adam Architects Ltd. and this is their brief description:  "The scheme for replacement of the lost wing had to conform to the original plan, floor-to-ceiling heights and window spacing. Dogmersfield Park is an example of how contemporary design requirements can be housed in a classical building, which is both modern and traditional. The extension relates to the old house but has its own identity. The external walls are built of stock brick; the cornices, pediments and rooftop parapets are in stucco. Large windows, a heavy cornice and broken pediment give the building a baroque vigour." 

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In 2005, Dogmersfield Park opened as the Four Seasons Hotel. Modern enclosed passages within the courtyard connect the four wings. The hotel added the south and west wings (last two pictures) in a plain style closer to that of the 18th century main wing (on left) than to Robert Adam's more baroque east wing of the 1980s.

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Parts of the interior of the main wing escaped damage in the fire. What is now the reception area of the hotel to the left of the entrance contains wood panelling from a renovation in the early 19th century. The fireplace is presumably earlier although Grinling Gibbons has been dismissed as the carver. To the right of the entrance is the lounge.

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The central staircase also escaped the fire and dates from the 19th century renovation.

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Down below the design and decoration is modern

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Swimming pool and adjoining buildings

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The formal garden

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