Overton, Hampshire - St Mary Church

Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

Overton Church, Hampshire

Externally all is Victorian, the ashlar W tower (rebuilt in 1909) and the flint nave and chancel
But internally the story is different, early and late medieval - see below

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  The modern but well-harmonising church rooms date from 1998  

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Internally there is more to keep one occupied. Three-bay N and S arcades of c.1200. Round piers, square but chamfered abaci, multi-scalloped capitals, pointed single-chamfered arches.

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Base of piers. Pulpit and view from pulpit.

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  North aisle looking east and west (with reset medieval lancet)  
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The next element in terms of chronology, is the chancel: mid C13 according to the plate tracery (in chancel north window). The single-frame roof with tie-beams may well be contemporary. The chancel was lengthened c.1500.

 P8033283-varlt-vary-u2-720-u0.5t5-q50.jpg (76964 bytes)    P8033280-soft-transf-u2-h540-u0.5t5-q60.jpg (77810 bytes)     P8033275-transf-u2-h540-u0.5t3-q50.jpg (69312 bytes)     P8033269-vary-varr-transf-u2-h540-u0.5t5-q60.jpg (73760 bytes)

View from chancel through the nave to the west tower. The W tower is c.1500, and so are the W bays of the two arcades, built to connect the old nave with the new tower. Only the typically Dec arch from the tower to the S was re-set. Where was it originally?

          P8033273-transf-crop-varlt-u2-h560-u0.5t3-q70.jpg (59353 bytes)

The door of the south entrance may date from about 1350-1400. The door is unusual in that it folds in the middle. 

  Court Farm House, W of the church. Five bays, two storeys. The middle bay projects a little and carries a broken pediment. Hipped roof. The frontage is mainly header bond. 18th century. However, the rear of the house reveals early 16th century timber construction.  

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