Winchester Cathedral - The Close

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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The cathedral lies along the north side of the close.

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Along the east side the chapter house entrance, followed by the Deanery. The CHAPTER HOUSE ENTRANCE, one of the mightiest pieces of Early Norman architecture in the land. Entrance and two bays of arcading l., two r. Sturdy round piers and big capitals of two scallops. Inside blank arcading along the N side. Block capitals.

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S of the chapter house blocked Norman arches, called by Mr Carpenter Turner book cupboards. Also a C13 doorway with hood-moulds on heads. The tympanum has an upcurved lower edge and was blank-cinquefoiled. Then the deanery wall takes over.
The Deanery consists of the 15th century Prior's Hall, and around the corner the 13th century entrance portico. There is also the 17th century Long Gallery in the garden ... more of the Deanery.

  Hepworth Sculpture, Winchester  
  Sculpture by Barbara Hepworth, description in plaque  
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Beyond the Deanery, The Pilgrims' School. Main building of the late 17th century. Older block of the early 16th century used to be stables. More on Pilgrims' School

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A little further S are three gabled houses with timber-framed upper parts, all facing N. They are CHEYNE COURT of the mid C15 and the (projecting) PORTER'S LODGE. One gable has fine barge boards.

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The back of these houses is formed by the town wall, and there are here some mullioned windows.

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St Swithun's Gate (also known as Prior's Gate) is a plain archway of C15 details. Four-centred arch; two continuous chamfers. original traceried doors.

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No. 4 is the JUDGE'S LODGING, apparently late C17 but altered. Basically it is medieval, as one slit window, now inside, proves. Seven bays, brick, low. The centre is a three-bay projection with quoins, but the very middle bay has its own quoins of even length which are in fact half-giant-pilasters. The side parts are chequer brick and have some wooden cross-windows. ...

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Nos. 5-8 are Dome Alley, an interesting planned layout for four long but very shallow houses, two N , two S. Each pair has eight gables, and they were originally shaped. Also, whereas the N range faces S with its main facade, the other range, very reasonably, put the two main chimney-stacks there. The details, such as wooden cross-windows and a broad moulded brick frieze at the foot of the gables, make a late C17 date necessary. Exceedingly fine ornamented details of the rainwater pipes.

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No.9 is ashlar-faced, of three gables, early C17. The only window in its original state is one at the back of five lights with one transom (by their appearances, I suspect he means the one at the side). But there are the shapes of others left. The porch looks c.1840, ... 

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No. 10 is the only house in the Close with substantial medieval remains. There is a vaulted room of the C13 ... 

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Rear of the L-shaped building. Doorway with two slight chamfers to the S (middle picture). ... Above the undercroft was the Strangers' Hall, and of this the large blocked S window survives and the small sexfoiled window above it. The large window is interfered with by a six-light Jacobean window. Buttresses to the W.

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No. 11 lies further back. It is a five-bay brick house dated 1727. Red brick, one-bay projection with doorway with broad straight hood on brackets and small scrolls l. and r. Segmental pediment at the top, but above it a gable, and this announces an older age for the house. In fact it has a splendid staircase of the 1680s ... .

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No. 1 lies on its own NE of the Deanery, SE of the cathedral. It was built in 1699, and is of chequer brick with projecting wings and hipped roof. ...

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