Winchester, Hampshire - St Bartholomew Church
and Hyde Abbey Gateway

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

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St Bartholomew, King Alfred Place, off Hyde Street. The former village church of Hyde. Low W tower with low pyramid roof. Chequer flint and stone. The church is of nave, N aisle, and chancel. ... In the nave S wall some single-light windows of c.1300 ...  

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The N side of the church apparently of 1879-80, with a number of cross-gables. ...
The chancel was rebuilt in 1857-9 by Colson. ... The vestry has an E window, Early English (shafted) and re-set.

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The nave has Norman masonry and a Norman S doorway. Two orders of columns with big ornamental capitals probably of c.1130. Round arch with zigzag. Billet hood-mould. Tympanum with sunk triangles, all re-tooled. ... The N arcade is Norman too, but nearly entirely Victorian. 

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Chancel screen. Pulpit. Chancel from vestry. East window.

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Looking west from chancel. Tower arch. North aisle.

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Opposite the church is the Hyde Abbey Gateway, the only building that remains of the Hyde Abbey, the Benedictine nunnery* founded in 965 as the New Minster and moved to Hyde in 1110. The gateway is Perp. Four-centred arch of many fine mouldings.
Monastery, not nunnery. This is a mistake in the Pevsner book, possibly confusion with the Benedictine nunnery Nunnaminster which stood near the cathedral and survived in that  place until the Reformation. No traces of that remain.

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To the outside also a much plainer pedestrian entrance. An adjoining shed has Norman masonry.   

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