Henry Moore Sculpture at Hoglands
2013 Exhibition at the Henry Moore family home at Perry Green, Hertfordshire
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  Henry Moore, born 1898, moved into this house Hoglands at Perry Green in Hertfordshire in 1940 and gradually extended its grounds to become a 50-acre estate. He died there in 1986. The pictures below are just a small selection of the exhibition in the grounds in 2013 which also included sculpture by Rodin on loan from the Musée Rodin in Paris. Henry Moore was an admirer of Rodin.  
  Large Upright Internal/External Form 1981-82  
  Large Reclining Figure 1984  
  Sheep Piece 1971-72  
  Reclining Figure: Angles 1979  
  Double Oval 1966  
  Mother and Child: Block Seat 1983-84  
  Square Form with Cut 1969  
  Large Figure in a Shelter 1985-86  
  Monument to the Burghers of Calais
By Auguste Rodin 1889
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