Holmens Church, Sepulchral Chapel Hall
  The long Baroque chapel hall south of the choir in Holmens Kirke dates from 1704-6. Designed by the court architect Johan Conrad Ernst.  
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  The interior looking north with the entrance from the church. The room contains 18 coffins and sarcophagi and, below the floor, 34 burial crypts. Left of the entrance the Benzon chapel.  
  At the opposite end of the room the chapel to the naval hero Niels Juel (1629-1697). Four coffins with Niels Juel and three other family members. Around the three walls alabaster reliefs of Niels Juel's victories in the second half of the 1600s. In the centre a bust relief of Niels Juel. Below the bust and naval battle reliefs are commemorative texts by Thomas Kingo, famous Danish poet and hymn-writer of the period.  
  The bust with Kingo's commemorative poem. Three of the naval battle reliefs.

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Valdemars Slot - Niels Juels palace on the island of Tåsinge

The tomb of the other great Danish naval hero, Peder Wessel Tordenskjold (1690-1720). Because he died in an unlawful duel, he was not given a state funeral like Niels Juel. He was quietly buried in a crypt in the church and subsequently moved around several times. He  was finally given this imposing marble sarcophagus and memorial in the chapel hall in 1819.

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The marble sarcophagus of the famous 19th century Danish composer Niels W. Gade (1817-1890). He served as organist for 32 years in the church (1858-1890).

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