Horselydown Square and Tower Bridge Piazza
Bermondsey, London
Waterfall by Antony Donaldson
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Tower Bridge Piazza
Horselydown Square 1          Horselydown Square 2          Horselydown Square 3
  Horselydown Square (1983-1990) is on the corner of Shad Thames and Horselydown Lane close to the southern end of Tower Bridge. It was designed by Wickham and Associates and consists primarily of flats, but with shops and offices on the ground floor. It supposedly has Dutch influence, Julyan Wickham's father-in-law being Aldo van Eyck.  
 Tower Bridge Piazza          Waterfall, Tower Bridge Piazza          Waterfall - Antony Donaldson
  Horselydown Square contains Tower Bridge Piazza and the fountain sculpture Waterfall by Antony Donaldson 1991.  
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