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St Pancras statue The Meeting Place

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The Meeting Place by Paul Day, 2007
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St  Pancras statue Sir John Betjeman

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Sir John Betjeman by Martin Jennings, 2007

The poet Sir John Betjeman had been a driving force in the 1960s to save St Pancras station and hotel when threatened by destruction.

St Pancras International station was reopened in 2007 following a multimillion pound redevelopment as the new terminus for the Eurostar link with Paris and Brussels.

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Quote in italics from London 4: North by Bridget Cherry and Nikolaus Pevsner (2001), Yale University Press, New Haven and London:
TRAIN SHED. The iron shed  ... is one of the outstanding surviving examples of Victorian functionalism and daring, designed by W.H. Barlow, assisted by R.M. Ordish. The iron work was made by the Butterley Company and was originally painted sky-blue
(and has now been restored to that colour). Wrought-iron lattice arch ribs rise 100 ft to meet in a slightly pointed apex. They spring from platform level, without supporting columns. The floor supporting the platforms and tracks acts as the tie to the arch. The upper part of the roof was entirely glazed (the glass was reduced to two narrow strips when repaired after damage in the Second World War). The iron-pillared 'vaults' beneath, of dimensions precisely calculated (on a grid of 14 ft 6 in) for storing Burton beer barrels, raise the tracks nearly 20 ft above Euston Road, so that the trains could run on the level from Camden Town, over the Regent's Canal and Fleet River. (These beer barrel vaults are now the arrival and departure area for Eurostar - see picture above). ... 

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The station is fronted by the original Midland Grand Hotel, only glimpsed here. It was designed by George Gilbert Scott in 186-7, and is currently being restored. Frontage and some interiors (external site).

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