Munstead,  Surrey  -  Munstead Wood
19th century

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Notes in italics from Surrey by Ian Nairn and Nikolaus Pevsner, Revised by Bridget Cherry (1971),
Yale University Press, New Haven and London.

No village, simply an area of thickly wooded hills above Godalming.
In the late C19 it became famous for the country houses built there, largely by Lutyens and largely under the sponsorship of Gertrude Jekyll. ... 

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Munstead Wood, 1896, is Gertrude Jekyll's own house designed for her by Edwin Lutyens and completed in 1896. It is set in a large wooded garden developed by Jekyll over many years. At Munstead Wood Lutyens's distinctive free Tudor style is already fully formed - though not fully worked out- in a kind of small-scale anticipation of the masterpieces of the next few years. The house was built of local Bargate sandstone and weathered tiles so that the house would not look 'new'.

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The house is U-shaped ...The internal court or spatial kernel occurs here, in the well of the U, most successfully done, with Bargate stone sides and a completely unexpected half-timbered first-floor gallery across the middle.

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There is a second court for the kitchen entrance, partly open to the sky for light and ventilation. The main entrance to the house is through an arch in a wall forming an extension of the east side.

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The house was doubtless originally intended to be integral with the gardens, the total effect that of continuous give-and-take between landscape and architecture. Gertrude Jekyll revived or invented the image of the informal English cottage garden ...
There are many distinct parts to the large garden, all flowing effortlessly into each other. The stone terracing is a distinctive feature of all Jekyll/Lutyens collaborations. The Main Border of the garden, some way from the house is about 200 feet long and fourteen feet wide and backed by a Bargate stone wall.


Gertrude Jekyll's grave, designed by Lutyens, at the nearby church 

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