Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk - St Mary's Church

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Notes in italics from North-West and South Norfolk by Nikolaus Pevsner
(1962) Penguin Books, now published by Yale University Press

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Anglo-Saxon round tower, see the triangular head of the upper doorway towards the nave. Bell-openings round-headed. The tower had a W doorway. Nave and chancel all with Victorian fenestration. 

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However, the simple N doorway is c.1190.

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The N arcade (three bays, octagonal piers, double-hollow-chamfered arches) is of the C14. 

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FONT. A very interesting and rare Norman piece, with the Labours of the months in arcading. First picture: January a man with a drinking horn, February a man warming his feet, March a man digging, April a man pruning, Second picture: May Beating the Bounds, June weeding, July scything, August binding a sheaf, Third picture: September threshing, October grinding corn in a quern, November slaughtering, December feasting. Fourth picture: On the W side three 'Trees of Life'.
Top frieze with big animals. It is rare to find on any English Norman piece so consistent a programme.


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