Salle Church, Norfolk
St Peter and St Paul, 15th century

Notes in italics from North-West and South Norfolk by Nikolaus Pevsner
(1962) Penguin Books, now published by Yale University Press

Salle is not only an exceptionally complete Perp church, it is also historically exceptionally important in that it can be dated with fair accuracy. ... (Largely between 1400 and 1430) ... The church deserves in every respect to be examined closely. It stands all alone and is dominated by its tall W tower (126 ft high). 

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Richly decorated battlements. Large sound-holes with complicated tracery.

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Four-light transomed window to the W. Doorway with a quatrefoil up jambs and arch. Two angels in the spandrels. A frieze of shields above it and three niches around it. Looking at the church from the W one sees with the tower the two identical porches (north porch shown here), both two-storeyed and both with flushwork battlements and turrets rising above the roof. 

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In the front a niche between two single-light windows on the S, a three-light window on the N. The front of the N porch has moreover quatrefoils running up the jambs and arch of the entrance (actually shields, not quatrefoils), a big ogee gable, panelling to its l. and r., and niches in two tiers l. and r. In the entrance halls of both porches tierceron-vaults with bosses. ... Original traceried doors W, N, S, ... The W doorway alone has a framing band of quatrefoils as well (see previous row)

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The N and S aisles have tall three-light windows and again flushwork battlements. North shown here. Pevsner does not explain the intersected tracery of two of the windows. These are typical of c.1300 - but unlikely to be original remnants of an earlier church? More likely to be Victorian replacements of damaged Perp windows? And perhaps designed to remind us of an earlier church? At the end of the 19th century the church was in a bad state of repair, especially the windows and roof, and underwent a restoration.

P1040484-transf-varlt-varr-u2-h550-u0.3t3-q20.jpg (81364 bytes)          P1040501-transf-varlt-u2-h550-u0.3-q60.jpg (86423 bytes)          P1040504-transf-varlt-u2-h550-u0.3t5-q40.jpg (83955 bytes)

S and N transepts, the latter projecting two bays. The S transept has a four-light S window, the N transept an E window with stepped transoms in the tracery above the heads of the three lights. ... 

P1040502-transf-varlt-u2-h550-u0.3t3-q30.jpg (89203 bytes)          P1040505-rot-varlt-u2-h550-u0.3t3-q10.jpg (67988 bytes)

In the chancel  angels as supporters. Seven-light E window. ...

P1040511-rot-varlt-u2-h550-u0.5-q40.jpg (86083 bytes)     P1040512-transf-varlt-u2-h550-u0.3-q40.jpg (75236 bytes)     P1040520-transf-crop-varlt-varyr-u2-760-u0.3-q40.jpg (78650 bytes)     P1040522-varlt-vary-u2-h550-u0.3-q50.jpg (67297 bytes)

Interior with six-bay arcades. The piers with four shafts and four hollows. Moulded four-centred arches. Clerestory. Very tall tower arch. Roof with short arched braces. ...  Chancel roof boarded with bosses ...

P1040513-transf-levltmid-sat-u2-h550-u0.5-q60.jpg (74332 bytes)          P1040515-levmid-rotcrop-u1-q40.jpg (88188 bytes)          P1040516-transf-crop-varlt-varyr-sat-u2-h550-u0.3-q60.jpg (69931 bytes)

FONT. On two steps. The inscription records the donor (who died in 1489). The figures on the base have been chopped off. Against the bowl the Seven Sacraments and the Crucifixion. - FONT COVER. A very tall Perp canopy. Not completely preserved, but very impressive with the remaining fin-like radially-set members. The pulley on its big arm also survives and is connected with the balcony in the tower. All Perp wood-carving. - PULPIT. Perp, but back-panel, tester, and the three-decker arrangement Jacobean. 

P1040519-crop-varlt-sat-u2-760-u0.5-q50.jpg (81702 bytes)          P1040521-transf-varyr-u2-h550-u0.3-q30.jpg (71253 bytes)

On the screen are depicted the four Latin Doctors (Gregory, Jerome, Augustine and Ambrose) and some of the Apostles. STALLS. Excellent, with outstandingly good minor carving. Poppy-heads, faces and monsters on the arm-rests. On the misericords flowers and faces , also good flowers on the supporting l. and r. pieces.

P1040524-transf-varlt-u2-h550-u0.5-q50.jpg (78161 bytes)          P1040528-u2-h550-u0.5-q60.jpg (78400 bytes)

North transept. Wood panelling from the restoration 1910-12. Beautifully panelled low-pitched transept roofs.


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