Sandringham House, Norfolk
19th century

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Notes in italics from North-West and South Norfolk by Nikolaus Pevsner
(1962) Penguin Books, now published by Yale University Press

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The estate was bought by the Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VII, in 1861 and represents a style which is more correctly called Victorian than Edwardian. The house was begun in 1870 to the designs of the obscure architect A.J. Humbert of London. ...  In 1891 a fire damaged the upper parts of the house. A second storey was subsequently added, and various pieces of decoration. The house is of brick with ample stone dressings. The style is Jacobean. Many gables, mostly straight. ...  Attached to the garden front on the S is a projecting piece of different design, connecting the house with the long, originally single-storeyed bowling alley. The link contains the billiard room and was in existence in 1863 (Ill. London News), the bowling alley received its upper parts in 1892.

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In 1883 a ballroom was added, projecting E from the S end of the E front. This is by Colonel R.W. Edis. ... Two ogee-shaped cupolas, one of them on a turret breaking the symmetry of the E facade. The two stone bay windows on the entrance side are of after 1891. ...

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Garden scenes

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St Mary Magdalene. A medieval church, but successfully Victorianized first by S.S. Teulon in 1857-8 (before the estate passed to the Prince of Wales), and then by Blomfield in 1890. The S porch is Perp and has a niche above the entrance. The W tower has pretty pierced tracery panels of square shape. The interior is mostly Victorian and later. ...

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