Broad Chalke, Wiltshire

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Notes in italics from Wiltshire by Nikolaus Pevsner Revised by Bridget Cherry (1975)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London

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Gurston Manor. C16-17 with mullioned windows. The DOE points out that the walls are c.3 ft thick and may be older than the C16.
Reddish Manor. Very lively early C18 brick front of four bays, not at all correct or polite. Two-bay centre with  pediment on giant pilasters. In the pediment a horizontally placed oval window with a wreath as a surround and a mask at the top. Doorway with segmental pediment on brackets. The bust on top may be a recent addition.

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Old Rectory. The archway with pedestrian entrance could well be of before the Reformation. ... But the earliest surviving windows are mullioned and probably of Elizabethan date.
House row in the same street.

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All Saints Church. Big, ashlar-faced church with transepts and a crossing tower. Essentially it dates from two periods, the late C13 and c.1360-70.

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The late C13 work is as follows. First the N transept with E lancets and an unusually fine N window. This is of three lights with three quatrefoiled circles in bar tracery.  ...

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Secondly the W doorway, with shafts and many mouldings in the arch. Thirdly the chancel, with pointed-trefoiled-headed lancets and a nicely moulded priest's doorway. The lancets have rere-arches. Sedilia with cinquecusped arches.

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The work of c.1360-70 is similar to Edington (and Bishopstone nearby). The nave windows are entirely perpendicular, rather broad and with simple big-panel tracery. The W window is of five lights, the others are of three. W front with fleurons below the battlements.

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It is the mouldings of the S doorway (with blank tracery in the spandrels) and of the crossing arches which show the C14 date. In the crossing tierceron-star vault with a big hole for the bell-ropes. The E end of the nave has to the l. and r. of the crossing arch half-arches to buttress the tower. They are also simple in their mouldings. The N one is single, the S one double like a bridge arch. Do they presuppose the existence of aisles, either in the C13 or at least as a project in the C14? The bit of frieze of the outer wall of the N transept showing here is a sign that this was one outer wall. But there can still have been in the C13 either no aisles and a narrower nave or low aisles.

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More pictures of the crossing

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Later Perp the S transept S window and the top of the tower and the two-storeyed S porch with fleurons below the battlements. 

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Nave roof with angel-brackets.

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FONT. Octagonal, Perp, with amply cusped quatrefoils enclosing roses, leaf, shield, and on the side a quatrefoil of shells. PULPIT. Early C17. SCULPTURE. Small piece of Anglo-Saxon interlace, probably from a cross-shaft (nave N side). According to a notice alongside the sculpture, it has been assigned to the 9th century by Mr H. de Shorlt, Curator of the Salisbury Museum. It is thought that the stone was part of a Saxon preaching cross set up on the site before the church was built. 


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