Lydiard Park, Swindon, Wiltshire
18th century
Lydiard Park
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Notes in italics from Wiltshire by Nikolaus Pevsner Revised by Bridget Cherry (1975)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London
  LYDIARD PARK. Built in 1743-c.9, or rather remodelled from an older building which still appears clearly enough at the back. The older house, known from a drawing of c.1700, was of medieval type, with a hall between cross wings. In the remodelling the back wall of hall was retained, but the front wall removed to create a large entrance hall in the centre of a unified facade. The SW side is the show side (the sunny side facing left in the top picture). The remodelling was done for the second Viscount St John ... As the architect, Roger Morris has been suggested. Stone, of two stories and eleven bays, the first and last being raised as towers with pyramid roofs, a motif the early Palladians had taken from Inigo Jones's Wilton House and were fond of (Holkham, Hagley, etc.). ...
Pediments above the first and last ground-floor windows, straight architraves above the third and ninth. Similar muted accents on the seven-bay SE side. ...
  Three bay pediment and balustrade. Doorway with Tuscan columns, well-carved metope frieze, and pediment. ...  
  The lake in Lydiard Park.
South-east side of the house showing St Mary's church immediately behind it.
St Mary's Church, Lydiard Tregoze
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