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Notes in italics from Wiltshire by Nikolaus Pevsner Revised by Bridget Cherry (1975)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London

The village is below Old Sarum, by the river Avon, hence the name.

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Church of St Lawrence. West tower of 1711, Perpendicular nave, early 13th century chancel. The W tower was rebuilt in 1711 by 'Tho Pitt Esq. Benefactor', as an inscription in large letters tells us. It is entirely Gothic. The masonry is of flint and stone chequerwork. The windows are of two lights with round-arched heads to the lights.
Thomas Pitt was the grandfather of William Pitt (the Elder), British Prime Minister and first Earl of Chatham. 

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The chequer and the windows repeat in the nave on the N side, and the chancel E end with its bands of flint and stone also looks as if it might have been remodelled.

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Perp nave, see the demi-angels supporting the roof. The roof is a wagon roof with bosses, as is also the chancel roof. ... Early C13 chancel, see the chancel arch (one slight chamfer) and one blocked N lancet whose jamb has been exposed.

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 Perp the chancel E window (15th century).
West gallery. Probably of c.1800.

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Much woodwork of c.1711, namely the REREDOS, low with an open segmental pediment and fine foliage carving, the COMMUNION RAIL with turned balusters, the centre of the SCREEN with a round arch - on the l. and r. Gothic bits are used - and the chancel PANELLING and STALLS. 

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The pulpit is Jacobean and has a fine tester and an hourglass. The pulpit is mentioned as in existence in 1619-20.
Font. Octagonal, C12, of Purbeck marble ... 

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Royal Arms. Lusciously carved; dated 1713. ...
The bust of St Lawrence is a plaster copy of that by Donatello in the Old Sacristy of the church of San Lorenzo at Florence. More information in right-hand picture.

More about the church on the village website 

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Two striking houses in the village. Old Vicarage, also called Mawarden Court. Elizabethan and Jacobean ashlar front with two projecting gabled wings. Much of this must be an early C19 rebuilding, as the recessed centre is now much narrower than it originally was. Mullioned and transomed windows. In the centre doorway with rusticated jambs. On the lintel the date 1773 and the words: Parva sed apta Domino. Whoever put this on knew his Horace. The garden side of the house is very different (not shown). It dates from Thomas Pitt's time, i.e. c.1710 ... The elder Pitt spent much of his childhood here.
Prebendal House, a little to the S. 1700. With a later C18 canted bay window, the upper floor of it treated like a Venetian window
(and the lower). More about Prebendal House at the village website.

Village Website


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